Car People Speak: Why we do the things we do.

“It’s just a machine.” As car people, we hear this too many times in our greasy lives. To the major masses, the idea of spending time, money, blood, heartache, money, even more time and even more money on something that was originally designed to get a person from point A to point B is hard to swallow. Yet, we continue to do it. We obsess over these things as if they were our future paramours…or current ones. After a while, these simple machines become much more. They become friends, lovers, members of the family and mentors. And just as a “normal” person would care for their brother or grandmother, we care for our vehicles.
The reason boils down to what these machines do to us. They invigorate our spirits, they cleanse our souls and they make us happy even when sad. They infurate us, piss us off, and spit in our eye when we do them harm. They hug us when we make them happy and we hug them when they return the favor. They are our hide-away, exit plan, and place to think. They are our friends.
This is why we do the things we do.
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