Car People Speak: The List.

Every car person has a “list.” It’s usually always changing, but for the most part there are at least 10 vehicles that drive us to be who we are. These are the desires that keep us up at night and haunt our dreams when we sleep. These are our top 10 dream cars.

I’d like to give you (the reader) a special glimpse into what makes me, your not-so-humble author, tick as a car person. I’ve collected my “list” and just by reading it, you might be able to get an idea as to who I really am as a person.

One final thought before I move on: this list has a rule. The vehicles on this list CAN NOT be modified and must come from the factory the way they were intended to.

1.1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 4sp Hardtop Black. Reason: I could stare at this thing for hours. I’ve loved this car since I was a kid and I bought a 1:24 scale model of it. It is, and always will be my number 1 dream car. The long hood, slanted nose, dual headlights, and the sculpted rear makes for a car that is pure nostalgia. It’s a muscle car that is also down right beautiful. It screams adventure. I can only hope that the reality of bombing down an empty highway with it is as wonderful as the dream.

2.1978 Jeep J10 4X4 360 4sp. Reason: In my mind, this is THE best looking pickup ever made. I’ve always had a soft spot for jeeps and this thing is by far my favorite. With a hotrod 360, manual 4sp and manual four wheel drive, it’s the kind of truck that would be a complete menace. It looks like it would chew your face off, spit on your shoes, lick a window, jump in the mud, rip up a tree for no reason what so ever, drive through a house and keep going, and steal all your gas in a matter of minutes. I love it.

3.1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega 2.0 4sp. Reason: I know, I know, it’s a Vega. But it’s a very special Vega with a very special engine. In my mind, Cosworth are the greatest engine builders on this planet and during a time of choked, dieing V8’s, this little thing had one hell of an engine built by the best. It was one of the first high strung 2.0 liter DOHC fuel injected four cylinders and it paved the way for the future giant killers. I like the look of it too. Clean and small in a land of American land barges. This car used to be on the fence for being on the list until around a year ago when I finally got to see one in person. It’s now number 3.

4.1996 Subaru Legacy GTB Wagon 5sp White. Reason: An easy candidate for perfect daily driver. Haul stuff in rain, shine, snow, ice, whatever; it doesn’t matter because it’s a damn Subaru. With “276” hp, it’s the ultimate underdog sleeper/utilitarian vehicle. Also, how cool is it that it belongs to a very short list of cars that have sequential twin turbos. I’d also finally be able to have a license plate that reads “JDM YO”.

5.1982 DMC DeLorean 5sp. Reason: It’s a DeLorean. It may be slow, unreliable, and probably hard to fix, but it’s the kind of car that I can’t help but love. John Z. DeLorean is one of my heroes and to own something that he poured his heart, soul, and income into would be truly special. It’s gorgeous, has a crappy engine, and its body is made out of stainless steel. It’s also a hero and character in one of my favorite movies. I don’t care if it might be a bad car, it has character and history and to me, that’s more important.

6.1964 MKII Mini Cooper S 1275cc BRG with the Union Jack on the roof. Reason: This car is just flat out cool. It was such a revolutionary car in that is saved so much space but was so small and nimble. It is the ultimate tool for traffic dissection. I honestly believe that nothing would find it easy keeping up with this car in the city and or during rush hour. Quintessentially British, the Mini Cooper screams blazing down London city streets being chased by a Merc or two. The big Benz never catches the Mini; never.

7.1995 BMW 850CSi 6sp Black. Reason: BMW’s 90’s super GT that to some, is the black sheep of the BMW family. Some BMW purists dislike the car because of its looks, but that’s the main reason I adore the E31. I love every line and every angle of it. It is what a super GT should look like: Long noise, short rear, big cabin. It has a glorious drive-train too. Big, 5.6L V12 matted to a BMW perfect 6sp manual. A beautiful, classy car that is fast and comfortable at any speed is a recipe for joy. This car has to have character too, probably too much of it.

8.1971 MKIII Jensen Interceptor SP Black. Reason: This car actually might define the word cool. When ever I look at it, I think of 70’s British gangsters running cash as fast as they can down some city streets. They leave nothing but chaos and noise. Not too many people even know what this car is, which to me, is always a plus. I love the idea of a British body, interior and chassis with a big, American drivetrain stuffed in. The MKIII SP was the most powerful, with a Chrysler 440 Six Pack V8 and a torqueflite auto trans. The interior looks so welcoming that this car could easily put most modern GTs to shame.

9.1970 Oldsmobile 442 W30 4sp Red. Reason: Another dream car based on a 1:24 scale model. I’ve lusted after this car since I was a kid and the reason finally became apparent recently: I adore the miscellaneous, odd-ball muscle cars that in reality were and are faster than the mainstream cars everyone else wants. The 442 seems to be overlooked and it shouldn’t, especially the W30. The 455ci Olds V8 made “370hp” and a diesel amount of torque and it would lay rubber in all four manual gears. The look is also nothing but menacing. It looks pure 1970’s: long hood, short rear. I have a feeling that the first time I would meet the car, it would head-butt me.

10. 1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III. Reason: This muscular gem is the most recent addition to my list. It’s another car that makes me envious of the land down under and another Ford that makes me furious at their US administration. This Australian only muscle car is so rare, that most of the original ones (what’s rumored to be left) can fetch close to $700,000 Australian (about 660,000 sum in our dollar). The reason is no one really knows how many there are left, but the quess is right around 100. Also, this car is an Austrailian hero. I love it for it’s looks and it’s drivetrain. A underatted 351 and bulletproof 4-speed top-loader manual from a HD F-Series truck make this another muscle car that screams “shut up and drive me!” It’s pure adventure.

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